About Us

[title_box title=”Welcome to Tax Returns.ie”] We are a trustworthy, qualified Accountant and Tax Consultant with a reputable business with years of experience in providing small businesses with accountancy and tax advice at reasonable prices. We understand your business needs and can build this service around you. We are approachable, accessible and will provide first class service.

So whether you are a small/medium sized company, sole trader, PAYE worker or landlord, we have the solution for you.

We can prepare and file any tax return you require from VAT, PAYE, Sole Trader, PAYE, Partnership, Rental, Inheritance, Capital gains and Corporation tax returns.

We can also prepare accounts for any of these tax returns.

We can give expert advice in tax matters. So whether you have a one off problem or an ongoing issue, we can tailor our service to suit you. This would include personal tax advice, any exemptions or relief you may be entitled to. Advice on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, PRSI, Universal Social Charge, Inheritance Tax and Stamp Duty, VAT, RCT, Corporation Tax and many more.

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helenaHelena has worked for many establishments including HSBC (Ireland) and O’Kelly Sutton. She now has her own accountancy and taxation business for over 20 years. She has taught the Start your own Business courses in 11 County Enterprise Boards around Ireland so her speciality is advising small businesses. Her knowledge spans over every sector and includes inheritance tax, planning, personal tax and business plans, as well as preparing sole trader and company accounts. She constantly, with her team, delivers a value added service to all types of businesses without the expensive fees.

As a CIMA Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Helena has vast experience in practice and will personally help you deal with all your tax affairs in a confidential and professional manner.

Helena came fifth in Ireland in her CIMA final business strategy exam and has extensive knowledge of preparing business plans and business strategies. She is also an approved trainer for Thesaurus products.

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