From The Last 4 Years

    No Refund – No Fee!

    All you need to do:

    1. Contact Us
    2. We check your tax details on the Revenue’s online system.
    3. Once Revenue confirm rebate, we will text you.
    4. We will send you your rebate less our fee of 7% plus VAT, min fee €25 plus VAT if there is a refund.
    5. Expect your rebate within 3-4 weeks. It’s that simple and easy. We can go back 4 years. 

    You Can Claim For

    Qualifying for Home Carer Tax Credit

    You Can Claim For

    – Medical expenses/dental
    – Rent relief 
    – Tuition fees
    – Carers Credit

    Medical Expenses get 20% back on all medical and some dental expenses.

    Medical / Dental
    Yes you are entitled to 20% back on all your medical expenses for your family and also for parents, grandparents and siblings, where these medical expenses are met by you, in Ireland and EU. So if you have incurred any of the following:

    • Doctors or consultant fees
    • Prescribed medicines
    • Treatment at a hospital or nursing home
    • Diagnostic procedures such as xrays
    • Maternity care
    • Transport by ambulance
    • Speech and language therapy for a dependent child
    • Corrective laser eye surgery

    You are not entitled to a tax refund on any expenses already reimbursed by a private health care insurer e.g VHI or from a health board but any balance not reimbursed you can claim tax relief on.

    Routine dental treatments such as fillings, extractions and scaling of teeth, they do not qualify for tax relief. But you can get back 20% on braces, crowns, veneers and root canal treatments.
    *You must get a Med 2 form completed by your dentist.

    Tuition Fees
    Did you know that you may be entitled to tax back on payment of college fees for any of your family in the last four years.
    Tax relief is at 20%

    Qualifying for Home Carer Tax Credit

    To claim the Home Carer Tax Credit you must care for a dependent person. You must also be married or in a civil partnership and be jointly assessed for Income Tax (IT).
    The dependent person you care for must be either: